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Client Not Pay

Please I just joined upwork. I submitted a proposal, and got a client..the client messaged me and gave me trouble in his case. After I finished the client didn't pay me.

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is your work done? did you do from milestone? if milestone select simbit your work over there your payment wil release automatcly from upwork if your payment in escorw.

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Did the client send you an offer through Upwork? Did you click "accept" to start the contract? If those things did not happen, you never had a client and there is no way to get paid. 


If you did do those things, was it an hourly contract or fixed price? If hourly, did you use the time tracker? If fixed price, is there money in escrow? If yes to one of these, you will likely get paid. 


Do yourself a favor and learn how Upwork works before you try to work on any more projects, or you will keep getting scammed. 

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