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Client Not Showing up

Greeting everyone,
There have been multiple times when a client has scheduled a zoom meeting on a date but didn't show up and hasn't responded to any of the texts from the freelancer. We all understand how great Upwork is for freelancers and Clients to work on. Saying that, everyone has value for their time and clients should respectful to that too. I know in a competitive job market anyone can be a better option at any given time but clients should be respectful if they don't want to recruit anyone by letting them know. Upwork has great acceptability and this could be harmful to that reputation. I would like to know if Upwork has any policy regarding such things? Thank You.

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Md Faysal A wrote:

 I would like to know if Upwork has any policy regarding such things?

No, there is no policy that would take any action against anyone for not turning up for an interview.

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Faysal, I'm not sure how to read what you're hoping to happen.

You can only control your own time, and even that is prone to random events of all sorts. You cannot control the time of others, including your clients.

Usually, if the client needs something absolutely critical to their business, they show up.

It it is not critical, other things take priority.

As you mention, if is of course a good and professional thing to do to let all parties know of change of plans. Absolutely correct.

Unexpected things happen.

Basically, if your observation is a one time thing, you should not worry. It happens to everyone eventually.

If it happens with every client, you might want to reassess your positioning in the value chain of your dream clients.

But let's say Upwork should fix this. What would you suggest they do?

Do you mean Upwork should have a scheduling system for all meetings between freelancers and clients and have some sort of penalty for those who don't show up (including you, even in the case you get into a car accident)?

IMHO, having no policy regarding this is the best policy. Let's not enforce any rules regarding pre-contract discussions. The platform is enough strict with all kinds of other aspects as it is.
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