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Client Paid first milestone and end the contract


I was working on a project to remodel an existing website, and I was performing the work: I was redesigning my client's website on Figma and then building on WordPress; however, the project was always being delayed owing to a lack of communication; the client never returned to me on time. Clients always respond to me after three or four days and never provide comments. My client abruptly terminated the contract and paid the first milestone today, giving me only three stars. Is it having an impact on my JSS? I don't want to loose my present JSS rate of 100%. With my Top Rated badge, I'm almost there. Could you kindly assist me in removing this feedback?

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re: "Client requested refund after closing the contract and giving 5 star feedback."


There's nothing wrong with that.


A man went to a restaurant. He ordered a spaghetti dish. The waiter asked if he wanted dessert. He was already full, so he said no. He paid for the spaghetti and left.


There is nothing wrong with that either.

Hello Preston,

Thanks for the response, She give me a 3.3 stars as a rating does it impact on JSS?

The star rating doesn't really have an impact on your JSS, but it's an indication that she didn't give you good private feedback, so it'll likely take you down by a few percentage points. You'll find out after it updates this Sunday. As long as you stay above 90%, there's nothing to worry about. 

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