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Client Paused Contract - Can I end it without submitting work?

I have a client who sent me an offer last week and I began work on the project. I submit manual hours because he allowed it and I couldn't figure out the time tracker.  The other day he paused the contract and sent me a message saying he would have to pause until he got the budget approved by his CFO (not sure why he didn't do that before sending me an offer, but that is beside the point). Now I've noticed that he hired someone else for the same job, but didn't let me know. I have a couple questions about payment and how I should proceed:

  1. Will I be paid for the 13 hours of work I completed this week, even though I haven't submit any files to the client? I was recently laid off from my full-time job and am filing for unemployment, so I need to know if I am getting paid or not so I can report those earnings when I certify for benefits.
  2. Do I have to do anything on my end or will the manual hours be automatically submitted on Sunday? 
  3. Will it hurt my reputation on Upwork if I end the contact?  

At this point I'd almost rather cut my losses on the 13 hours of work and move on, but any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated!

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You'll get paid automatically if the client doesn't dispute the time you logged. It doesn't sound to be the case but you never know. Had you tracked the time with the tool it would have been much safer but I wouldn't worry too much - pausing the contract is not sign of a scam.

You don't need to close the contrat just yet, they may be tesing multiple freelancers and decide on who to continue with. The worst case is they will close the contract themselves at the end of the process. Or, they'll resume it and you continue.

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