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Client Payment issue / Contract Paused

Client have payment issue, and end the contract give me 5 star but its not showing on my profile completed job and also payment in 2nd week review, If client issues are not solved then my payment are released or not?? And what should i do


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If it was an hourly job and you tracked time you may be covered.  If it was a fixed price contract and you gave your work your are at his mercy.  It he clears the payment issue you will get paid, if not you worked for free.

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Its Hourly job, and payment in review, can i receive payment?? 

If you were tracking hours using the UpWork time tracker and you followed the rules to be eligible for hourly payment protection, then you will be paid in due time.


I'm going to assume that the contract was paused today, you will need to wait until the end of the work week, Sunday midnight UTC, after that the funds will move into In review if there is no dispute or if you met the hourly protection parameters then the funds will move to Pending on the following Friday and will be released to you to request payment (status Available) on the following wednesday.


If they're already in review today then you will know by this Friday, if the funds move to Pending then you will get paid, if not then you will receive a follow up email from UpWork about it (funds will be refunded to the client in that case, which means you will not get paid).

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