Client Profile Linked WIth Contractor Profile

I have run across a unique situation over the last few days here on oDesk that has to do with profiles. I am a contractor here, and have been for some time, I also have a client account here, for an equal amount of time for other types of work that don’t fall under my expertise (design, website creation, certain types of writing ect.) I have had never had serious issues hiring, other than my issue with people I interviewed but never hired contacting me for months/years on end. A few days ago, I posted a job, and hired three people for this job. Two worked out like normal, did the work and the contracts were closed. The last person is the source of my trouble. This contractor, the moment I hired him, sent me a message telling me that he “Googled me” and that I “seem legit” and he is “happy to start working with me” . This in itself didn’t bother me, or raise too many red flags in my mind, but since it was the first time that I had received this type of comment, I decided to ask the contractor about it. I asked him if he researched my company (I do have a website, so this is what I expected), or if he researched the company that owns the site the work was for (also normal, and I give the main client information usually anyway) or if he researched me personally. Instead of answering my question directly, he starts making comments about where I live, where I have worked, and most strange, past jobs that are listed on my contractor profile. Now, of course, if he researched my name, some of that information could be found on the internet, but a lot of his comments referred to my contractor profile. I am proud of my profile, but the thing that makes it most disturbing, is that my profile is listed as private-and has been since December of 2013 (too much work currently, so I make it private to avoid invites). There are a lot of other issues that are involved with this contractor, and Market Place Support is dealing with it, due to his mental illness (sending death threats, cursing me, making racist statements, threatening me, and on and on) he also did the same with several other clients as I have come to find out, since I posted on my blog about him, and these abused clients are turning out in droves to publish their dealings with him as well. And before you think otherwise, it has nothing to do with payment, as he was paid in advance, and his abuse started and continued with NO messages or replies from me at all right after I sent the assignment details. (I am still not sure what his problem was/is). In the end, he said, that I had posted 250 amount of jobs, and had 40 negative feedback on my client profile. That is inaccurate, since I have only 3 feedback of 3 to 4 stars on my client account, the rest being 4.5-5 stars in the past 3 years, and even of those, there are only 55 feedbacks total, the rest did not leave feedback. I kept thinking about where he gets these numbers, so I take a look at my personal profile, and sure enough, out of 250+ jobs, I have 35 that have NO feedback, and 5 with 3 star or less feedback in 3 years. Essentially, he is looking at my personal profile when looking at the job, and not the client profile that should be showing. My personal profile is private, so he should not even be able to see it at all. If I am posting jobs, what should be shown is the client profile, why then has oDesk decided to show personal profiles of those who have a contractor account as well? If this did not exist, I would not have to deal with this stalker(who has been reported to the police in North Dakota), so, what’s up with that?

looks like a stalker alright, and it looks like he's been at it since way back, before you made your contractor profile private. he probably bookmarked you, that's why he has access to it until now. there was a time when you could have 2 profiles, if you were both a client and contractor. most likely it was causing some confusion so oDesk decided to do away with it. i have no idea if indeed your freelancer profile shows every time you post a job, but truly it shouldn't. could it be that he only realized later, after applying, that you were also a freelancer? this is all just too creepy... i'm so sorry it's happening to you. 😞
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I think maybe you can expect more from the police than from oDesk.