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Client Requesting Refund After ending fixed price contract before agreed date

Hi guys, Help!


I have a Client Requesting Refund After ending fixed price contract before agreed date. We agreed during interview on the solution but  he rejected it later saying that is not what he wanted.


I explainded to him that the alternative approach required a programming language skills that i did not have (then) but  was willing to learn and deliver solution on time. He agreed only to terminate contract,left a negative feedback and requested refund. I its a $200 job and I have been working on the project for over 80 hrs.

I tried to reach out to him later to no avail.

How do i handle this situation



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Community Manager

Sorry to hear you are having issues with a contract, Joseph.


It looks like the client responded to you just recently today. They requested a refund of the money they'd already released to you. You'll see the request in Messages. Please communicate with the client directly to try and resolve any issues amicably. If you agree to refund the money, you can issue a refund directly from the request in Messages. If you decide not to refund, the client may seek mediation assistance from Upwork. If that happens, Upwork team will reach out to you directly.

~ Bojan
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