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Client Review

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Hayley J Member Since: Nov 11, 2020
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Hi, I've been on UpWork for a while now and not had any really bad reviews. Recently a client left me a bad review and the information she said about me isn't correct. I don't want future clients to read this and think I complain about headaches and don't work weekends. I was having crippling migraines and could barely get out of bed so I couldn't work THAT weekend. She said I didn't finish the job but the job wasn't what she described to me before I took it. I can't find anything about normal freelancers removing reviews. 

Community Guru
Tarpinder S Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Your JSS is good.  You can remove 1 review per 10 contracts and 3 months only if you are top rated.  Although I will advise that you use it judiciously when the situation is very grim.


You are not much active in 2020.  Get some contracts and good feedback and when you become top rated the feedback removal perk will come automatically.