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Client Spent $462 What does it mean?

On, 1 November 2022 a client hire me for a job at the rate of $440/hr and the job was for only 1 hour, after completion of 1-hour, the client ended the contract and I see an option for public review. I reviewed him. Then It appeared that the freelancer spent $0.

I am the only freelancer he hired, and the hourly rate was $440/hr; I worked 1 Hour and the client ended the contract.
Now, on the details page of this contract, It has appeared that the freelancer spent $462; 1hired; 0active
What does it mean? He actually spent $462 or what is it? Did he pay $462 for the contract, actually?

NB: I shared a screenshot blurring all details of the client; plz check the screenshot I attached and answer me correctly if possible.

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Sorry for the bad news but take a look if the job described here or not: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Community-Blog/Top-Red-Flags-for-Scams-From-Community-Member-Wes-C/b...

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Your rate is only $10 an hour. 

I like it

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Clients have to pay a fee to Upwork, in addition to what was paid to you. I'm not surprised that shows up on their total "paid out" metric. It's fundamentally the same as a freelancer's "earned" metric including the fees we pay to Upwork.

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The real question is - how long is it going to take before the client asks for their money back?

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The real question is - how did you convince the client to pay $440/hour when it was clear to see that your rate is $10/hour? Or was it the other way around and the client convinced you to accept that rate?

It is not a good look on your profile. Potential clients will be wondering what is going on there. 

You will get paid if you didn't use manual hours, and used the time tracker properly, but only your profile rate of $10. It is more likely you will not get paid. 

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