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Client Unresponsive after purchasing order from Project Dashboard



So a client purchased an order from my project list. The requirements clearly stated certain documents, information to be shared in order to execute the work successfully. However, the client only mentioned a brief description on what needs to be done and has since then been unresponsive to my messages. The deadline is near but I don't have information on me to complete the project.

I've tried messaging him multiple times but no success.


What should I do?


Thanks and Regards,


Hi Mumal,


Thank you for reaching out to us. We suggest that you still continue to communicate with your client or if you have not done any work, request to close or cancel the project altogether. Clients have 14 days to review the work and take action from their end. After 14 days the funds will be transferred to your account if no actions are taken on the milestone. Keep in mind that if you resubmit the work again you will reset the 14 days period.


Since this is a special project, it works a bit like a fixed-price contract with just one milestone. Again, it's still best to communicate with the client to avoid any conflicts later on. To learn more details about fixed-price protection, check out this Help Article.

~ AJ

Hello Annie,


Thank you for your response. I've been trying to communicate with him for the last 15 days. If I cancel the project, would it impact my profile?

And if I request him to close the project and he doesn't respond, what should I do?


Thanks and Regards,

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mumal, 


If you close the contract and the client does not come back to leave feedback, it will not be included in your JSS calculations. If the client provides positive private feedback on a contract with no earnings, that contract will be excluded from JSS. If the client specifies in their feedback that the contract had a negative outcome, that will be counted in the score.


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