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Client Withdraw Offer

Hey all,


I'm new to Upwork & would like to get your feedback on this. I have applied to an Excel job where the client (he is also new to Upwork) wanted some automation on his file. The client responded to my application asking for some samples. So I have sent to him some screenshots of the previous projects that I have done.


Some talks happened between us after that which I have attached. I would be greatful if you can check & advise me what should I do to get the offer back since I have the final file ready for submission.






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Hi Julie,


I understand your point. However, since I don't have any previous experience in Upwork (other than one small job), clients do not hire me. In fact, I got my only job by actually start working on the job and submitting my propsal along with the screenshots of the job. This caught the cleint attention and he hired me eventually for more than his budgeted amount. That is why I'm using this strategy although I really would like to use another startegy since working on a job takes time with no guarantee that I'll get the job. I would be greatrful if you (or anyone else in this community) can suggest a better startegy for new freelances.





Hi Taha, 

It doesn't look like you were sent an offer for this job. I would recommend that you refrain from offering to work for free, or working on projects without a contract in place as it doesn't guarantee Payment Protection


Since you are new, I would highly recommend that you read up on the freelancer resources we have compiled for great tips and insights on how you can work successfully on the platform. For more information about working safely through Upwork, please read these tips for avoiding questionable jobs.

~ Avery

Hi Avery,


Thank you for your reply.


I have read about payment protection and read many tips for new freelancers but my situation is different. Here it is:


The client (who is also new to Upwork) responded to my propsal asking for samples. I have provided screenshots of previous work that I have done. The client was impressed by them and told me that:


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I took the initiative & asked the client more questions about his project. The client provided the required details to complete the work. I wanted to impress the client so I completed the work but I have not submit it to him. I just showed him a video of the Excel without showing the formuals so that he can't take the work for free. After he saw the video, he sent an offer (around 2 am at my time) but he withdrawn it few hours later (around 7 am at my time). I asked him for the reason & he said that he thought I'm not interested in the job since I didn't accept the offer (he only waited for 5 hours and then withdrawn the offer). So I told him that it was 2 am on my time when you sent the offer and I'm interested. He said that he didn't know the timing difference. I told him that you can check the timing difference at the top of the chat. He apologized stating he is new to the platform and he is still getting used to it. I told him it is okay. Then, he send a pdf file and an excel whcih contain a minor modification to the original details he provided. I asked further questions regarding this modification and he responded. I completed the modification but I have not sent the file to the client nor I made a video. I just informed him that


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I also sent a reminder but the client is not responding to my messages now even though I can see he is online. Any idea how I can convience the client to send the offer again?



Hi Taha. Since a moderator has removed your quoted text "for community guidelines", I don't know what you told the client. But I assume you made it clear that you still want the job, and that you'll accept the offer if he makes it again. In that case, I would say there's nothing more you can do. Maybe the client is still considering you, or maybe he isn't. Either way, the ball is in his court now.

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