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Client abruptly ended contract with bad review due to their mistake - what do I do?


Hi, I'm aware there are similar posts to this but they don't entirely resolve my concerns.


A client, who I've written multiple scripts for, ended a contract because they found out the plagiarism score was high for the scripts. After reviewing the report, and sending him the one from my end, it turned out that the "plagiarised" content was only quoted text used from interviews, statements, etc. 


Of course, we both understand I cannot rewrite quotes and official statements - and they were presented as such, not my own words, within the script as well. The client realised this mistake only after I explained and sent the plagiarism report. 


He apologized for the mistake and even said he'd, very obviously, continue working with me. However, I don't know how to make sure the review that'll be left on my account (either private or public) won't affect my JSS.


This is a clear case of a client acting too fast without discussing the issue with me first. The problem has been resolved at our end and determined to be a non-issue - i.e: I did not plagiarize the scripts.


How do I go about making sure this does not affect my JSS? I do not want to lose my Top rated status as a consequence of this.


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I'm confused, you said the client ended the contract with a bad review but I don't see any recent bad review on your profile.

If you do get a review from this client, wait until the JSS updates (every other Sunday) and then if your JSS is lower you can have that review removed becuase you are top rated (unless you have had one removed recently).

The job might not yet have been added to his completion list.

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Hi Julie, thanks for the response.


This just happened, so it might take a little bit to appear on my profile. And I haven't removed any reviews up till now, will removing one also remove its effect on my JSS?




Upwork has an article about JSS and the remove feedback option for Top Rated.

Marsad, I would say it depends on how bad the review is, which should appear fairly soon on your profile. But you will know on Sunday (or possibly the following Sunday), as Julie says.  If it does drastically alter your JSS  -  if it falls below 90 - you have two weeks to use your perk to remove both public and private feedback.  If it doesn't fall below 90, I would leave it, unless your client's comments are likely to hurt your getting work.  


You could also ask the client to change the public feedback, which would look better on your page, but  wouldn't make a huge difference to your JSS, as private feedback can't be changed. But this sort of request can sometimes backfire. 

Hi, dear Nichola!

I didnt found how to contact to you to say thank you for your help.


Kind regards!



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Thank you, I'll wait and see what the public review looks like and how my JSS is affected. I appreciate the help!


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