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Client account on hold

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Samukhele M Member Since: Feb 18, 2019
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On the 21st of March I received an offer for a fixed contract that was due on the 25th of March. I tried to accept the offer but kept getting a message saying the client's account is on a temporary hold. 

Since the deadline for the job is soon and I have finished it and want to submit, what will happen to my payment if the account is released after the scheduled deadline of 25th March? Will I still get paid? Has anyone face this? 


Please help.

Community Guru
Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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You really shouldn't have done the work until the client got his poop together and fixed the CC issue. This could very well have been a stolen card or a scam. The only reason an offer would be on hold is because something is very wrong.


The deadline ain't your problem if they can't get their payment situation figured out in a timely manner.