Client and Freelancer accounts imported from Elance

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I have imported my account from Elance to Upwork and I saw that I have 2 accounts one as client and one as a freelancer. My question is if I can delete the client profile without affecting my freelancer account cause sometimes I receive messages and contract to my client account and it's a bit annoying to switch all the time and I'm not really posting projects.


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I have the same issue...

it seems the "experts" here can't help...

I have a "Client account" never created by myself. It seems Odesk "thinks" I'm their employee because of long time working with them. Now there is this stupid client account and no chance to delete it. Man Frustrated

Hi Linda and Petrescu,


You certainly can close your client-company if you are not using it. Follow these steps in order to do it:


- Click on your picture in the upper-right corner and select your client-company from the drop-down menu.

- Once switched to the client-company, click on the round picture again and click "Settings."

- On My Info page scroll down and click on "Close this account":




If you run into any issues, please contact Customer Support.

~ Valeria



Thank you for your input, but there is NO such option, as you see in the jpg attached


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Hi again...


Any answer?

Sorry about the confusion, Linda. I was referring to your own client-company. The one you shared in your last post (I had to remove the screenshot because it included contact information) is a company you were added to as a team member with certain permissions. That's why it shows in the drop-down menu on your profile. You can't close that company, but you can reach out to your client to discuss your permissions.


I hope it helps.

~ Valeria

Thak you Valeria, I'll try that.


One thing that is important to note here is the issue of getting client messages sent to your client rather than freelancer account.  At first I too thought it was a confusion for clients in terms of accounts but I was told that isn't the case.  There is a bug at UW that confuses the accounts from time to time but from a client perspective they aren't seeing two accounts (so I am told).  I actually received a message from UW some days ago saying the issue was finally resolved, but it was not.  I have still received several messages to the client vs freelancer account.  So yes, this is still an on-going problem.