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Dima M Member Since: May 29, 2016
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Ok let's talk about the new TOS. I have recently been forced a lot to educate clients about it as I am asked a lot about my email so clients can share files on google drive and stuff (graphic design material). Recently I had a client who was a bit confused with it and after being shortlisted for the job I was told that someone else accepted sharing their contact info for file sharing purposes and thus took the job. Now I am confused.. Is that allowed? I've had a lot of clients who lost interest when I refused to share my contact and it is a bit frustrating but I do not want to get in trouble.. So is their any other way? Or Was the other freelancer going against the rules?
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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The other freelancer was not going against the rules.


Prior to establishing a contract, a freelancer may provide an email address if doing so is necessary to provide access to resources that need to be reviewed. The freelancer needs to make it clear that no communications should be conducted using the email address.


The June 26 policy announcement contains this addendum:


"Users may share email addresses for the sole purpose of providing access to a system that contains information about the project. If the system can be accessed without sharing an email address (such as via a link), it should be shared that way."