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Client ask for a refund.

Hello, I am new to Upwork. I won my first project which was a complete custom game. The client fixed just 25$ for that game Although it was a minimal price, I was agreed to work on it as it was my first project and I wanted to show my abilities as a game developer. There was a very vague requirement by the client still I manage to make a successful game by putting in a lot of hard work in the hope that I may not be getting a reward in terms of money but I will get good feedback. Now the game was ready client was completely satisfied with the game she wanted three builds of the game Unity apk, WebGL build apk, and Unity Export build apk. I created all three builds and submitted them to the client. Now he had some checker software in which she put apk's and checked that Keystore is rightly created or not to upload them on play store. Everything was right but the signature versions were not satisfied by that software which was unbelievable because everything was right on the spot I showed her everything that how I make Keystore for apk's even she herself not able to understand what's the problem. I said there is a mistake in your software because there is not any possibility that there is anything wrong in the build. I rebuild 10 times every apk for her satisfaction consult with lots of developers but everything was right there was no issue. But she still persists that the software is right and I didn't make apk's right. So I asked her to send me any kind of contact of the developer who worked for her before so I can consult with him and asked if there is anything wrong with my side hence she agreed on it and asked me to submit all files when I submitted she ended contract by sending just 15$ to me asked for 10$ refund and also said that she will give a negative review to me. I have put a lot of hard work into it and was really sincere and kind towards her throughout and deliver a perfect work and she took whole work and gave me some pennies and negative review as well what can I do? 😞


This is her checker software that satisfies everything except signature versions which were set correctly in the apk.

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