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Client asked to Photoshop a stamp and a signature

Client sent me an invitation with a photoshop work with no more details so i accepted it and talked with him about the job and he didn't mention the type of photos that would be photoshoped.

Then he sent me the offer and i accepted it, then he sent me 2 photos, one for a stamp and the other for a signature and asked me to Photoshop them to make them with transparent background !

I am afraid that this stamp or signature might be used with a wrong way on papers or documents, specially that they are in a foreign language that i can't read.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Report the project to Upwork.


And now you know for next time not to accept an editing job without seeing what you'll be editing.

Thank you Charles i reported the messages and Upwork took an action.


Hi Mohamed,


Can you please send me a direct message with the information about this issue including screenshots so that I can check this with our team? Thank you!

~ Joanne

Sure, check your inbox.

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