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Client asked to complete the 100% work without contract started.

Hello Upwork Team,

My name is Magesh, and I work as a freelancer on Upwork. I am raising this request due to an issue with a recent job I worked on. I spent over 6 hours on this project, and despite my repeated requests, the client refused to start the contract, insisting on seeing the final output before doing so.


The job involved building an NDK-based library using an open-source library provided by the client, and creating a JNI interface for the main app to perform specific operations. Following the client's instructions, I downloaded all necessary tools, prepared the NDK library, and created a sample app and JNI interface.


I demonstrated the completed work to the client in a meeting. However, after I completed the task, the client stated that the output did not meet their expectations and refused to pay me. The issue here is that the client, without fully understanding the features of the open-source library, instructed me to create a demo and final output. Once the work was done, the client claimed it was not as expected.


I believe I am entitled to payment for the time and effort I invested in this project. I request that you review our chat history, where the client acknowledges that my time was wasted.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

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The rule that prohibits doing ANY work without contract being in place, exists for a reason...

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You began work without an active Upwork contract. I don't know why you gave the client free work, but you did, and there is nothing Upwork can or should do. You need to read this post, and follow every single link, and learn how to use the platform

safely. No one else will do it for you. You broke the Terms of Service and one of the most important rules on Upwork. Sincere question - why do you think Upwork should pay you, when you broke the rules, and have earned no money?


You chose to give the client free work, knowing you were supposed to have a contract, which you didn't, and you knew it was breaking the Terms. The good thing about your mistake, is that you can learn from this, and never, ever break the rules again. Or, you can blame everyone but yourself, not learn, and be scammed repeatedly. The choice is yours.

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