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Client asking for Bank Account Password, Username, and Security questions in Google Hangout. Scam.

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Mary R Member Since: Aug 7, 2018
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They claimed to work for Intel, and messaged me on Google Hangouts after leaving the Upwork Chat is less than a minute.

They asked questions and claimed I passed with a 71% rate (God knows how that was calculated) then they asked for Email, Name, Number, Address and here's the big red flag, Bank Account Password, Username, and Security Question.

Even offered me a 'check' which I think is against TOS.
This is my first client and I'm super disappointed that it was a scams...
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Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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Good for you for realizing this is a scam. You wouldn't believe the number of new freelancers that actually fall for this and it ends up costing them thousands, and all it takes is a little common sense to sniff out this scam. Hang in there. Google Hangouts=scam.  It will be hard and frustrating at first because since you are new the scammers will target you. 

Just keep on keeping on, apply smart with a kick-butt cover letter and you will be on your way in no time. 


Much Luck to You!!!

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"
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Randall S Member Since: Mar 20, 2017
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Nice catch! Be sure to turn the suckers in.