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Client asking for DOB

Hi all,


I've been offered (and accepted) a job on Upwork with a client who is subcontracting the work (to me).


So I will be working as a contractor for my client (C1), on their client's (C2) system.


My client (C1) has sent me a form that requires me to submit my DOB and the form will be used by their client (C2) to set me up on their system.


I do not want to provide my DOB. What would be the best way to respond to this situation?


Thanks for your help!




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If this is the only personal info they want you to disclose (no name, address, SS number, etc.), then it's probably because they need to set up a password for you or they want to make sure you are an adult due to some legal constraints. If I were you, I would just send them a fake date of birth. 

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I am not going to tell you what to do.


But if this happened to me... if a client who seemed otherwise legitimate asked me for my date of birth, then I would assume it was for some technical reason... It is a "hoop to jump through", and not because they want to send me a birthday card each year. There's a person on the other side of this question who is just tryng to do their job, and they don't actually care about WHICH date of birth you give them.

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