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Client asking for a refund

Hi, one of my client after accepting payment has changed the requirement.client is not ready to pay extra for the new requirement. Also, client has raised the refund request of the work done till now as I refused to do new requirement without monetization. 

Please note: while the contract was on, the client changed requirement continously. 

There is no option to reject the request. 

Will upwork deduct funds if I don't respond? 

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If you can't handle it by yourself, it's time to open a dispute which will involve Upwork Support into this. 


Last time I did something like that I lost some reputation, so keep in mind that you can lose some too. 


But if the truth on your side - everything is gonna be ok. 

My issue is 

1) I can't reject the request. Hence, what will happen if don't accept it. 

Will upwork directly deduct amount from my available balance? 

2) If client gets convinced, does she have an option to take the request back /withdraw the request? 

I am sorry that you are experiencing this unfortunate situation.


This client is behaving in an unprofessional, unethical, immoral manner.


When a client hires a freelancer to do some work, and then the freelancer does that work, then the client should pay the freelancer as agreed. This is not a complicated concept.

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Preston you didn't answer her two questions!

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Learn anything?

1. Dont take on rat clients

2. Dont wait until a dispute to complain about requirement changes

3. Dont take on rat clients.

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