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Client asking for details on how to do the job.... then no offer...result : FREE tutorial for them

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Jenk D Member Since: Jul 11, 2008
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I experienced this outside odesk, thankfully the amount of effort I gave wasn't too big to feel a huge loss but I see the same situation here on odesk as well it was infuriating that they happen to be ones that asks you to sign NDA documents it happened twice, thankfully at the second time, I just smiled and said I will send it....but did not....wasting their time as revenge.... while those that actually hire you, don't have a problem with NDA issues whatever the client pretends to interview you and asks the questions on how to go about doing your job upfront....mine is PPC.... in the end you will find out they did not hire anyone.... especially those job postings with no verified payment methods... sure, there is a chance that the client might be legit, but the chance is too small too many instances of legit client just asking for price then paying upfront with no hassles at all.... makes me realize what type of personality I should really avoid... Please stay alert everyone and just ignore these types of people... anyone had a similar experience.....??