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Client asking for email in google doc interview form

Client ask me during chat interview to fill up an initial interview form with required email field to be populate. The other questions in the google doc form looks like a legit interview question. The client has a great review and $9k spent though. I know sharing of contact info is against TOS but I'm looking for advice on how to handle this kind of situation, I believe he is not trying to scam but client does not know/forgot that sharing contact info w/o contract is against the rule.


Thanks in advance!

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Fill in the email address but send a note specifying:

"I have provided my email address but it is not to be used for communication purposes prior to an official Upwork contract being in place."

I wouldn't even do that.  Just tell them that when you are required, you will provide that information.  Those questionnaires are forms that stay around forever without being re-written and updated.

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Just provide all your information in Upwork via attachments going out to a Google form is not suitable for me when Upwork is providing all comforts within the message box.
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