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Client asking for free additional work


After completing my work for a client, they've informed that a portion of it got corrupted /missing, and I should redo it for free.

I have two concerns :

1- not getting paid

2- receiving bad feedback


What should I do?


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If it wasn't your fault, you shouldn't redo it for free. Tell them that they must pay you for the extra work. You well deserve it. Also, I think you shouldn't worry much about the bad feedback. You are a top-rated freelancer. You can remove the feedback with the feedback removal tool. You have 4 ongoing projects. If they turn out well, your JSS won't drop much either. As Preston said, it's against Upwork TOS, just inform your client that and report him to Upwork if he still insists.

Hope this helped and you can sort it out soon. Have a great day!

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It is a violation of Upwork TOS for a client to ask a freelancer to work for free.


Never work for free for a client.

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hi, thanks for posting question in this lovely community.

I understand your concerns. you don't have to worry just file complain to upwork telling them client is asking for free work give them some proof and then upwork will take action its against upwork rules to ask for free work. You will get paid if u've done your work payment is secure on upwork and he won't be allowed to give feedback at all maybe his account gets banned.


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Its also good practise to keep the files you work on for clients for some time as things like these tend to happen often. You can also consider setting up a cloud storage (even the free ones like gdrive) and use it for in parallel.
How did you submit the work before?

Exactly, I was also confused about that. Why would anyone bother deleting the files if the project is ongoing? I wonder if he meant something else by "corrupted/missing" And it's really a good idea to keep files on cloud storage. I also keep my files on my g-drive. 

On their platfom.. Note that they are well aware that I submitted my work correctly..

Oh, now that makes sense

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I agree with the earlier posters. Even if it is a genuine mistake on the client's end, it's a mistake they'll need to pay you for. If they're commanding or instructing you to do it for free, that's a red flag as well. 


Do you have a backup copy of your work that you can send them? If you send them that and they respond with "it's corrupted" then you may have a scammer or dishonest individual on your hands. 

Actually the work was done on their platform.

thats something to worry about..but you post on upwork with screenshots and updated work and messages etc ..that as per your request your work is done...submit the work and message them on upwork that i m sorry and cant go against the rules of upwork and provide you with unpaid work.

in this regard the info would be analyzed by the upwork teams and the evidence would be taken to record before their stance...

it was my legal openion as a attorney for you

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