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Client asking for refund after the job done

Hello Everyone, 

A client is asking for refund after I did his all job. 

He was much satisfied with two milestones and approved it himself but now threatens me in a weird way by asking refund. 

I am afraid he will leave a worst review even if I refund the money. What you suggest to me? 


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Hi Saddam,


I'm really sorry to hear about this experience you had with a client. While our goal is to help you build strong relationships, we recognize that sometimes things simply don’t work out. If a client refuses to release funds or requests an escrow refund for a milestone that you’ve completed, you can file an escrow dispute. The disputed funds will remain in escrow until a resolution is reached. To learn more about the escrow dispute process, click here.



~ Arjay
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Sir, The money is in review and will transfer tomorrow to pending section but I don't care about money now. It's about career and JSS as we freelancers always get suffered when they give poor feedback. Like there is no way, I am here to refund but still he will leave poor feedback. Is there any solution to this? 

Hii Saddam,


A contract where you had no earnings will not show on your profile. Once you refund the amount, no public feedback from the client will show on your profile however, canceled contracts may still affect your JSS.

~ AJ
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Don't refund the money. You did the work.

Peter, I don't need his money, Just want to save myself from bad feedback. I will return and still he ll leave poor review destroying my JSS. Unfortunately Freelancers are totally on the mercy on clients. 

If you did the work, Saddam, and the client's demand for a refund is unjustified, don't agree to a refund.


Even if you do a refund, the client's private feedback, which we have been told here is much more important than public feedback in your JSS calculation, will still be used to calculate your JSS.


Unless this particular client has repeatedly left unjustified negative feedback for his freelancers, in which case Upwork will not include any of his feedback  in calculating your JSS:


https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211068358-Job-Success-Score (See "How is My Job Success Score Calculated?")


Unfortunately, you can never know for sure if this policy applies to any particular client.


Good luck!

If you feel he might leave a bad private and public feedback even after refunding, just think about it...what's better keeping the money and getting bad feedback or refunding and still ending up receiving bad feedback?


If bad feedback is inevitable, why not keep the money and get it! 


If you did the work that was agreed, ask him the reason for this demand of refund...if he needs minor changes within the initial scope try to accommodate it or try to explain to him why it cannot be done in this budget...if he is outright after the refund without giving any reason...you have every right to refuse the request! 



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Saddam, you seem determined to give a refund but did the client write in the message room that he will leave a bad review if you do not refund? If he did that, you can Report the message for Abusing the feedback system by clicking the 3 green dots at the top right corner of the message. Section 3.5 or the Upwork User Agreement states that you can't

  • coerce another user by threatening negative feedback

source: https://www.upwork.com/legal#feedbackabuse 

If you did that, Upwork might intervene and prevent the client from leaving negative feedback. I'm not an Upwork moderator so I cannot promise this will happen, but it's what I would do in your situation.


"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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