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Client asking for revision but does not give any relevant info

I have made an automated document sending script for an client. I have completed my work and script is working fine but when I submit the work client ask for revsion without telling what changes are need or what error are occuring. I also asked him to share his screen so I can see it myself or send a screenshot, but he ignore the messages. Now its 5th time I have tested the script again and still client is asking for revision. I think he is not willing to pay that's why he is doing this. What should I do in this situtation.

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Hi Ankit,


Please note that we do have Payment Protection in place for Fixed Price contracts and in case the client declines the payment request that appears to have been submitted, the freelancer will be able to initiate a dispute and our team will follow up with both parties. You can find more information in these help articles, here and here.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

sir I am not concern about the payment but the behaviour of client is not tollerable, either he should tell that he don't want to pay or give some info at least to work. Because making revison requests without any relevent info not gone do any kind of benifit to him or me. The matter here is my time is being wasted.

He is not asking for revisions.


He is clicking a button to block you from getting paid.


Stop wondering what he wants you to change.

Stop wondering about his behavior.


He is simply trying to steal money from you. There is nothing to think about. Follow the link above. Do this: Dispute Non-Release of a Milestone Payment


If you don't care about getting paid for this, then close the contract yourself and release any remaining escrow funds back to the client.

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