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Client asking me to start from scratch with a different approach after I've completed the work

Hello there, I signed a contract few days ago with a very low amount of 150$. Now, when I've done most of the work according to the instructions that were given to me by the client. He is asking me to do it from scratch with a different approach. He has not even paid me for the work I've done.

When I tried to talk to him about this, he said, 'Improvements are a part of a contract'.

But, is starting from scratch considered as an improvement?  

What can I do to get rid of this client and save my JSS? Keep in mind that no payments has been released so far.


Help would be highly appreciated.

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Muhammad Q,


Is this an hourly contract or a fixed price contract?


Assuming it's a fixed price contract with a total value of $150, how many milestones were those $150 spread across in your contract?

Fixed price and the contract has no milestones. 

or I should say, it has only one milestones, that is, 150$.

If you feel you have completed or substantially completed the project, submit it to the client using the "Submit" button on the project's Upwork page.


If there are minor elements that you think still need some work by you, when you submit the work also let the client know what those are and what feedback you need from him to wrap things up.


But don't let the client bully you into doing substantially more work than your original agreement required without more milestones being set up. 


Of course, never start work on a milestone until a) it is fully funded and b) payment for all previous milestones has been released to you by the client or Upwork.


Good luck!

Thanks for your reply Will L. 
Can you tell if I end the contract without getting any payements, will the client be able to screw my feedback? and will it effect my JSS. Because I have a JSS of 100%, and I don't want to take a hit on my JSS.

We have been told by others on this board that contracts that end with no payment adversely affect your JSS. And the client will be able to leave private feedback for you that affects your JSS.


But don't let the tyranny of the JSS keep you from doing what is best for you. Don't feel trapped in a project that has limited income and maximum work for you (if that's what this situation is).


Accomodate the client if you can, even to the extent you do a bit more work than you think you originally agreed to if that will satisfy the client. But a JSS of 100 is not necessary to win new projects; my JSS once dropped as low as 88 and I kept busy until it rose above the magic 90.


Also keep in mind that Upwork does not include the feedback from consistently negative clients in the JSS calculations for freelancers. This client may be one of those clients.

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Muhammad Q:
It is PERFECTLY FINE for a client to ask a freelancer to start from scratch on a fixed-price contract. As long as the client does so PROPERLY.


Here is the proper, acceptable way for a client to do this:


The client must release all money in escrow to the freelancer.

Then the client must close the contract.

Then the client must ask the freelancer if he is willing to work on a new project, or work on the original project using a new approach.


If the client does not do these things, then the client is acting inappropriately and is NOT using the fixed-price contract model as intended.

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