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Client asks design native file to continue the work on his own

Hi, I have a hourly contract with a client for a graphic design job, worked 3 hours on the project saturday and I said him I won't be able to continue it before tomorrow so he asked me the Adobe illustrator file I'm working on to finish the job on his own. Here the thing: we had a misunderstanding so the Illustrator file he is asking includes nothing more than a complete work he didn't like so much however despite this he asked to send him the file. Basically we are at the point to restart the work and he wants to stop and take the completed template I worked on. I am a bit confused if is legit give him the native file since he paid me through upwork or less. Apologies if this situation could sounds clear on how to do, it is the first time happened this to me.



This is an hourly contract.


The files you created while logging time on this contact don't belong to you. They belong to the client.

It isn't your choice to decide whether or not to provide these files to him.