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Client asks for extra work

Hi! I'm an architct. My client is a big company that paid over $400k. The work was described as modeling in Revit and Rendering in Enscape. They cut price I request twice but I agreed under the condition the task will be described clearly and it will be not a design work, only rendering. And I provide my model.
Now they ask me for drawings - floor plans, elevations. It's additional work. But I agreed if they will not ask for preparing these drawings. I give them as they are. But client doesn't like how encsape models look like in drawings. He wants me to make these models look like not a regular enscape drawing but to look good and match the model.
The extra work is - drawings. It seems like it's an awful client but I'm afraid of breaking up because he can leave a bad feedback. Moreover I already did my work. I expected to get some comments regarding my work and adjust it but instead I get additional tasks. Heeeeelp me, please! I agreed only Revit/Enscape package. I didn't agreed drawings!!! I tell him that it's extra work but he tells that it is not.

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Never work for free.


If the client asks for extra work, there are only three options:

- Client closes current fixed-price contract and creates new hourly contract.

- Client releases all current escrow money and creates new, funded escrow payment for new work, or new fixed-price contract.

- Freelancer stops working for client.

But he can leave a bad feedback. And for me as for freelancer it's important - it affects my rates

Don't work for free.

Nothing garantees you he will leave a good private feedback, and this is what counts the most towards the Job Success Score.

yes, I see. It seems like Upwork encourages violating the rules. I complained to client's messages several times but I hadn't seen any reactions. If the next time the customer with a big history will demand for hard drugs delivery - no one in upwork support will react too until I reach the police. 
Don't think that I'm exaggerating. Accepting violation of the rules and agreements violation in global politics - that's how unbelievably terrible things happen now. Blackmailing - it's how it all is starting.

By the way regarding to my small case - I got numerous attempts of persuading me to do more work beyond any descriptions and agreements for the same money. After failing all of these attempts they threatened me to pay less than agreed and close the contract with bad feedback. You tell me not to work for free - but upwork doesn't provide any insurance for it. It should be. Thank you for your reply

thank you! Unfortunately, they couldn't want to open a new hourly contract. They may just want to fool me somehow to make more work for the same money. And after that threatening to close the contract by paying even less than agreed and leaving a bad feedback.


Stop working for the client until he pays you everything he owes you.

He can't force you to work for free.

If you don't close the contract, and if he doesn't close the contract because he still needs your help, then there is no feedback.


And you can't be a hostage to feedback threats by from rogue clients. A freelancer can not succeed on Upwork if he operates that way.

Thank you, I hope it's so. Very frustrated with that. But you know - every work has a deadline. Either the clients find another freelancer and do it may be even with other conditions or they will no longer need it and leave bad feedback anyway. If the company has a special person to argue with freelancers and pressure them to do more than agreed - they also have enough time to write bad feedback to punish the freelancer who does not agree with these violations. Very sad. And I wasn't in the mood to accept this pressure now. I'm very frustrated

actually, I'd prefer to have an option to pay a fee to close such contracts. I don't want to depend on fraud but I do

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