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Client assigned me job but didn’t send me invite yet

The client sent me the job details via upwork messages and he asked me to do the emails task (test) and I followed the instructions according to the client and he approved my work and Assigned me work even I have completed first day work and after that I asked him to send me invite to Upwork but he did not send. Should I work with him or what should be my next step?
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It sounds like the client is simply tricking you into working for free.

Of course you shouldn't work for free.


The client needs to send you an invite so you can accept and establish an official contract.


If he does not do so, you should report him for asking for free work.

Hi Preston,


My client also not sent me invitation, it's been already two weeks, she was keeps saying that she is facing issues while sending invitation and also she is facing issues from her bank site to make any payments, but she want me to work, also she asked me to accept the payment outside upwork, she already has spending history her payment methods are verified too, but don't know whether she is genuinely having issue or not, also she is having different or fake name on upwrok her real name is different from her LinkedIn profile, i need help this is also my first job

Hi Manish,


I do not see any contract on your Upwork account. It is important to ensure you have an active contract on Upwork before you initiate and submit work to your client. 

Please check out this course for more tips on staying safe on Upwork and please use the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you’d like to report a violation.


- Pradeep


Thanks for your response, I have already reported the client, Thanks for sharing this course it helped me alot.

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The client must first send you an invite then you must start working for him/her.Otherwise it will be difficult that what the client will do.Will he pay or just take the work he needs and run away.Thanks

Thank you for your response.
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I once had a client hire me without inviting me to interview.  All they did was send me a direct offer and I got started. If the client doesn't create a milestone, I wouldn't suggest you work for them. Else, you won't get paid. 


I hope this helps. 

Thanks so much for your response
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Well eveyone helped you through this. But ther's another suggestion that I've heard from an expert. Don't work with Unverfied Payers. If they hire you, asked them to verify their payment before you start your job.



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