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Client blackmails me :(


Hi to all!


Unhappy story is happened to me. I had two small Fixed price contracts ($27 and $18) with one client and they were successfully approved and completed by client several days ago with both sides positive feedback. Actually, all of work which we negotiated and even some extra work was done. We negotiated that all work will take maximum 2 hours and calculated price, based on this estimate. Actually it took days, client was endlessly adding and adding new tasks, which we didn't negotiate to be done in contract and chat. Because it was one of my first contracts, and in order to earn reputation, I did anything, all requests that he asked (now I realize that it was for nothing). After some time, he offered me the next, third small job ($9), but I was busy with another contract (much more profitable), and for several days I likely to take a long-term Hourly job (I successfully passed the interview) and I am not interested in cheap contracts any more.


When I said the client about that, he started blackmailing me he will create problems for me by saying to Support that I didn't complete the work, that I didn't fix the bugs etc. His words are impossible to believe because of fact that he meticulously checked every small change of my work, and finally said that my code is perfect (it is proved by Upwork messaging history). He threatens me that he will achieve my account suspending. And he began to take revenge: today I got to remove porftfolio items related to our contracts because of his complaint to technical support and my profile's hold on threat.


Now, he sends me a lot of negative messages, writes me that he gives me a final warning, he offends me and interferes with work (a continuous stream of messages), while I remain always polite and explain things him calmly.


This is a new client with no history and now I wished I had got in touch with him, because I can lose my profile when I'm not guilty 😞


The question: now client can not rest and threatens me that he is going to open a dispute to refund the money (despite the fact that both contracts are successfully closed with positive feedback) and to suspend my profile. How do I solve this problem? I've already contacted the Support with no success.


I attached a proof screenshot (client name and photo is blurred).