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Client changed hours at the last second

I have a client I recently started working with. He clearly asked me to work for 16 hours, which I had started to do. He then suddenly changed his mind and said he wanted me to stop working and just turn in whatever work I had already accomplished. While I understand (as a business owner myself) that sometimes things change-- budgets, timelines, guidelines, etc.-- this feels like dirty pool to me. I don't think it's cool for a client to cut a freelancer off at the knees in the middle of a project. It's like the phrase "respect the gig." I was planning to be available to work for him for that amount of time this week, so... it leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth, to be honest. Smiley Sad

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It's disappointing when that happens, especially if you turned down other work to be available, but it goes with the territory of freelancing, to be honest. One reason clients use contractors is to maintain that kind of flexibility.


Upwork allows this.

No violation of ToS at all.


And I believe there is nothing wrong, nothing unethical, nothing unprofessional about a client changing something like that. At any time.

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Its frustrating but it does happen occassionally. Hopefully you can find a new client to replace the time you were hoping to work this week.

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