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Client changed job description after bidding

Hi, I applied to a voice over job posting a few days ago. I was checking to see if the client hired anyone or not and found that he corrected the requriments from looking for "that" voice over artist to "Thai".

I think it's pretty unfair to have connects deducted because of a typo they made. I'd like to withdraw my proposal but I also would like to have the connects credited back as it wasn't my fault that they had a typo from their end.

Anyone faced something similar like this before? Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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You are correct. This is unfair. Upwork does not claim that everything will be fair.


There is nothing that you can do about this.


If it makes you feel any better, you should know that it is extremely rare for job posts for voice over artists to be posted and then subsequently changed to require that the freelancer be Thai.

I read a lot of "creative" titles like be the voice of my brand or looking for THAT voice over artist. Apparently the latter was just a typo.


Yes, its not usual to find people change their job title later but I just wanted to know if there was anything in Upwork's policy that helped with this.

Karim I wrote:


Yes, its not usual to find people change their job title later but I just wanted to know if there was anything in Upwork's policy that helped with this.

Nope, it's bad luck.

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In my little corner of heaven here on Upwork I frequently submit proposals on hourly projects and then have conversations with the potential clients in which they ask me multiple questions and go through multiple conversations with me, none of which I have any problem with. It gives me a chance to figure out if I'd like to work with them.


Then, as things are coming to the point where they have the information they need to decide whether or not to hire me, they ask me how much I would charge them on a fixed price basis to do the job they had originally listed as an hourly project. 


When I translate my expected time to spend on these projects at my hourly rate plus a little something extra to pay for the inevitable increase in the client's scope of work, I rarely hear from these clients again. And I have never had one agree to the fixed price quote I have given them.


Luckily, for the projects I was invited by the client to submit a proposal on I spend no connects on these proposals.


Bait and switch by a client, which looks like it was accidental in the case you asked about, is just a fact of life on Upwork and Upwork can do nothing to prevent it. And it didn't matter so much when a monthly supply of connects was free.

Thanks, Will. I actually never really used Upwork that much since my account was migrated from e-lance. I only decided to give it a serious try this month, I was skeptical about this change with connects but in a few days I managed to get 3 jobs and already having interviews with a few more.


I think I need to learn how to pick my job posts. I just need to clarify that I'm not here to whine, I was just wondering if there was a policy that helps us in this situation.


Thanks for your input though.

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