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Client claimed that I did the job incorrectly and left me unpaid

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Janean L Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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@Preston H wrote:

re: "Be nice and polite with your clients."


Excellent advice.


Let me go further.


ALWAYS be polite.

Even with scammers.

Yes, really.


What if they're not a scammer?

And you were rude to them?


Always be polite.

It reflects badly on ALL of us when one of us is rude.


I make more money, and you make money, when all contractors are polite to all clients. Even to clients who make mistakes. Even to bad clients. Even to fake clients.


You can say "no" to somebody (such as a scammer), but do so politely.

@ Preston --


Besides, in my experience, it kinda drives some rude middle-school students scammers really bonkers if, when they start screaming and cursing and trying to get one over on me typing in ALL-CAPS, cursing, and trying to pull off some scammy trick, I remain icily calm and professional. They escalate. I remain calm. Instead of engaging and arguing, I remain professional. I win on soooooo many levels. (And I avoid unpleasant parent meetings being suspended by UpWork.)

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Jessica S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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If you give a full refund to the client, the feedback will be removed from your profile. As a new freelancer with only one feedback and it's a bad'll be extremely hard to get another job on here. If you refund and have it removed, you'll have a chance to get more jobs but you should also know that once you do 4 or so jobs with 4 clients  you will get a job success score on your profile and it will likely be in the 70something percentile (provided you get perfect scores on the next 3)  because the client likely gave you bad private feedback too and that doesn't go away with a refund and will be reflected in your first job success score. But at least you won't have that long negative feedback in your profile....