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Client claimed there was a "possibility of a job", didn't start contract but kept asking for work



I have this particular client that asked to interview me for one of their jobs. The job was "Analysis of Facebook Ads Account". So at first, she asked to connect with me via call so I could do an analysis, promising that I would be paid afterwards and that there was a chance of a long term job. I did a quick analysis as required, however she asked for a written analysis so that we could proceed. Analysis was done as required, so she said she would look into it and return at least with a payment for what was done, but no news so far. I agree I should have asked for a contract before starting to work on an analysis, however, shouldn't this client get banned from the platform for this kind of behaviour? How should I proceed?


Thanks in advance.


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You can report the client. But, as you noted, if you don't advocate for yourself, it is very hard for Upwork to help you. You are here to sell your time and expertise, don't give it to people free of charge. Be firm and don't waste your time on people who are looking for free work. 

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Hi Tonya, thanks for the feedback. Fortunately I didn't give up much of my time so far, however I believe they should be reported so that they don't do it to other users.

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