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Client convert Hourly Job to Fixed after discussion

Hi All,

I recently got one Job on Upwork and it was hourly job.

I recieved message from client about the project, But he started talking about some other task which was not related to the Job I applied. But I thought it is ok let's finish his small fixed price job first. Then he started saying do other tasks at the same price otherwise I will not give anything from the fixed price. I was totally trapped and had to end the contract without any money. 


- How can I save myself from these kind of clients?

- What are the questions I should ask first in order to identfy false or bad cleint.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Uma,


I'm sorry to hear about your client. In terms of client vetting, I tend to look at their most recent Upwork projects. This gives a sense of the budgets and hourly rates they typically work with. I also discuss the budget and deliverables before starting a contract so expectations are set.


Unfortunately, I don't think either tactic is a 100 percent guarantee that a client may try to change their terms, but at least it gives me some confidence that they have a history of working with contractors on reasonable terms.


I hope this helps - Jeremy

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How did you manage to not get paid with a fixed price job? If there is money in escrow, the client can't take it back unless you agree to it. Did you end the contract and refund escrow?

Hi Martina,

I had seen the client put some amount on escrow but still I have not recieved anything.

I ended the contraact, But there was not option for refund.

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Hi dear!  Very sad to observe such scenario. You were really sincere to your client but I think you must have reviewed the payment method, either verified or not. Or you can judge a person from his previous feed backs from other freelancers. Be very careful from facing such situations.

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