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Client did not do the payment for hours worked.

Hey Upwork, I have had a bad experience starting my first project at upwork. I have a client contact me for the work and we discussed about the work. We started the work without a contract with me trusting him that he would pay me if he is satisfied with the work. I started the work and spend around 10 to 12 hours working on his assignment to complete as per his requirement. 


However there were some fixes that needed to be done which I was happy to fix those and I quoted him that if he likes my work then please start a contract. Then he said you fix this we will do and he also promised to pay the amount for couple hours since he was less satisfied. 


So ever since I delivered his requirements he is not responding to my messages neither he started the contract and no payments. How can upwork help me in this situation. I would appreciate if anyone has come across the situation like this. I look forward for a resolution. Thank you. 



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It is important that you understand that Upwork will not help you.

You made a big mistake by working without a contract.

You will not get paid for this work. You must stop trying to contract that client. You must let go of any idea that you will be paid for this work.


The good thing is that this experience has helped you learn, and you will not make the same mistake in the future.

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