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Client did not pay for hourly contract.

As the title reads, I had a client who did not pay me for an hourly contract. It was to be 30 an hour and the meeting lasted only an hour. However, I did not receive any money from the client nor is there even anything pending in my earnings. What can I do because there is no dispute button coming up on the contract itself in the My Jobs tab.

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same for one of my contract, 66 hrs, client ended contract without payment

Remember, if it was a contract and you used the time tracker to track the time, you can contact Upwork. However, if you manually added hours to the Timesheet, Upwork does not guarantee your amount.

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Ubaid is correct - but beware that the Time Tracker only considers you to be working when you physically manifest the effort though the keyboard or mouse. Thinking doesn't count, nor does writing or discussing or, in your case, being in a meeting, UNLESS those activities include moving your mouse or using the keyboard. Consider taking notes for a zoom meeting on the same computer as the Time Tracker is running so it can be observed that you are working (as per its definition).

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If you have proper contract, and you tracked your time (or input manual time), the money, which appear here, will be placed in "available" in 2 weeks.

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Do yourself a favor and learn how Upwork works before you take on any more jobs. 

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It looks like you didn't even have a contract. Tiffany is right, you need to learn how this platform works before attempting to work on it. I think ignorant freelancers are just as much a problem on here as scam clients because they truly lower the bar. 

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