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Client did not receive Testimonial email

I sent request for endorsement to my 2 non-upwork clients about 11 days ago. They have a website & a working LinkedIn as well. 

Both of them have not received an email yet. How much time does it take for them to receive an email from Upwork? 

Can anybody help regarding this please?



Hi Ahmed,


Once you’ve submitted the Testimonial request, we’ll email your request to your client and let you know when we hear back. If your client is having trouble locating our email, please confirm that they’ve checked their junk/spam folder in case the email ended up there. They may also try whitelisting or allowing emails from Upwork so that their email provider doesn't filter them out. 



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Hi Govind,


I checked your active support ticket and it looks like our team has already advised you that the client still hasn't responded to your testimonial request.


If you happen to be still in contact with your clients, please check that you have their correct email address and ask them to check the spam or junk folders of their mailbox and look for the subject title Govind M. has requested a reference’.
If they have checked on this and the emails are not there, please update your support ticket so our team can resend them the testimonial request.

~ AJ

Hi Annie,


I have confirmed with my clinets. However, none of them any email so far. Kinldy send them manually so that I can circle back to you in case of reocuurance of issue.




Hi Team,


My concern is still unresloved. It has been weeks since I raised this. Can somebody attend this ugently.



Govind M

Hi Govind,


I'm sorry to hear about that. Please update your support ticket so our team can further assist.

~ AJ
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I have forwarded testimonials to two of my clients. One of them utilizes a business email and has successfully received the request, while the other client, who uses Gmail, has not received the request. Upwork Support has informed me that the inability to send the testimonial request to the specified email address is due to the current status of the associated Upwork account. I would appreciate clarification on what this status entails. Furthermore, it has been two days since the testimonial request was sent to the client who received it. Can you please provide an estimated timeframe for when their approval can be expected?


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Hi Jawad,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Since you already have a support ticket regarding this issue and are being assisted by one of our agents, please feel free to update the ticket directly so they can assist you further.

~ AJ
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Before being active on Upwork I worked with client outside upwork platform in the past. I understand the importance of the testimonials on upwork and hence I requested one from the client.  However my client hasn't received the testimonial request email, the client has also checked the spam/junk folders but the email hasn't landed there as well. 

Hi Keyurkumar,


I have requested the assistance of our team. One of our agents will assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne
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Hi i have sent the testimonial request to one of my non-upwork client but he did not recieve it , he also checked this junk/spam folder 
please help

Hi Sarim,


I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket. One of our agents reached out to you to assist.

~ Luiggi
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Hi, I am new to Upwork and have sent out several requests to past clients for testimonials. All of them are legitimate clients who I have worked with. Out of about 3 I sent out, only one seems to have worked and many of my former clients didn't even receive the email. How can I find out what is going on?

Hi Rahul,


I see that you contacted our support team and raised a ticket about your Testimonials concerns. One of the team members has responded and provided instructions to assist you further. Kindly respond with the required information on the email associated with your case so that the team can address your concern.


You may also access the ticket on this page for updates.


~ Arjay
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I have sent out four testimonial requests through Upwork to my clients, but none of them received the emails. I suggested to the clients to check their spam folders, but the emails weren't there either. Please help me figure out a solution. Thanks!

Hello there. 

I understand this is frustrating, I am sure you asked the clients to check the spam folder as well. 

In my case, I had many testimonials but it never happened to me before. 

But if you have tried 4 times, I believe it's time to reach out to the support. 

Thanks for the information 

Hi Tamzid,


I apologize for the delay in our response to your post. I want to let you know that the team has confirmed that one of our team members has sent you an email, and you can view the ticket here

~ Joanne
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