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Client didn't pay me for my work and he is not replying now.

Did I do something wrong? This client hits me up after I sent him a proposal, we get chatting and I eventually finish the job he assigned me to do. I give it to him, he says the work is amazing but he doesn't pay me and now he is not replying me. I spent sleepless nights on that job. It is not just fair. How can I get Upwork to make this client pay me.
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Retired Team Member

Hi Kosiso,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. 

In order to be eligible for our Upwork Payment Protection you will need to be hired on a official contract and fulfill the criteria required. Upwork Payment Protection consists of two sub-programs: Protection for hourly contracts and fixed price contracts. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Kosiso, this is over. You need to stop thinking about ever getting money from that client.

You need to learn what your mistakes were, and then never make those mistakes again.


If you have questions about what you did wrong, please don't hesitate to ask questions here in this thread.

I'd really like to know

You worked without a contract. You can't get paid without a contract.

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