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Client disappeared

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Martina P Member Since: Jul 11, 2018
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Preston H wrote:

I'm glad we figured out what happened.


It is permissible to send a message via Upwork Messenger. Many of us do. But that is OPTIONAL. Doing that doesn't actually cause anything to happen within the Upwork user interface.


MAYBE the client will read our message and release payment. Or maybe not.


That is why we ALWAYS use the official submit button.


And if the client has disappeared.... That's GREAT! It means the client won't ask any questions, ask for any changes, or take any of our time at all, and we'll get paid automatically.


Of course... We DO want feedback. If the client has disappeared permanently... we won't get feedback. That's too bad. But at least we got paid. If the client DOES return eventually, and communicates with us, we can use that opportunity to ask the client to close the contract. (At which time he will be required to provide feedack.)


CLIENT: "Richard, thank you for finishing the project. Sorry I didn't reply to your messages. I was on vacation in Farlandia."


FREELANCER: "That's okay. Glad to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions."


CLIENT: "Actually, I was wondering if you could send a PDF version of the file. I know that wasn't part of the agreement, but would it be difficult to do?"


FREELANCER: "I can do that. Could you go ahead and close the contract? Then I will send a PDF version of the file once it is closed."

Why do they always go to Farlandia? Do they have upwork client's conferences there, what is going on?