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Client disappears halfway through contract



So quick question. I'm new and curious as to what we're supposed to do when a client disappears. Some of the money has been paid already (along with a few milestones completed), but the plan was to continue with a good amount more of assignments. Is this typical? What are we supposed to do?




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I had a client disappear on an hourly contract after she paused it. I just waited a while. Tried messaging her a few times. Then I left it open for a while...finally closed it because if she did resurface, my rates had changed and so I wasn't interested in doing that work any longer. This was months gone by on the open, inactive contract. 


I think there is no harm to leaving it open for a bit to see if they resurface. Depending on how long it's been they could have just gotten side tracked. I think if it goes on too long you can close it yourself, just don't close too many at once because I believe it affects your JSS. But if there was money earned on it and it stays open, I'm not sure it matters to leave open. If they were milestones versus an hourly paused contract, I don't think it matters as long as they were paid. 

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If you've been paid for all of the work you've done, just go on with your life and wait to see whether the client resurfaces. If you don't hear from him for a couple of months, send a note and let him know that you're going to close the contract if you don't hear back in x amount of time (maybe a week, 10 days, or two weeks) but (if you're open to working with him again) he can always rehire you if he wants to pick back up with the project. 

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Clients are allowed to stop working with freelancers at any time.

That's part of the beauty of freelancing.


If a client wants to stop working with a freelancer, she may do so.

Just because there is a plan in place, does not mean that the entire plan will be executed.

That's okay.

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