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Client does not want to end the contract/Keeps asking for free work

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Nikola R Member Since: Sep 13, 2017
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Hello all

I ended up being "lucky" to get one of the problematic clients for my first job.  The job itself was nothing major and I think I did it well. [Under 4 hours, with all the changes applied as requested].

That is when the problems started. After submitting the milestone and requesting the funds to be released, I had to wait 14 days in order to get the cash [Automatically released by Upwork?]. Since the job got finally funded, I asked if I could help with anything else and if not, could the contract be closed.

To that, I got a request from the client for free work, what I denied by replying that I can not work for free. Maybe few hours after that, I found a job posting from the same client that went something along these lines: "freelancer did not complete the work, disregard the budget, as I can not pay you." [Can't really remember anymore]. I flagged that job posting right away for "asking for free work" or similar. Now it can not be found in the client's job history, so it seems it got removed.

After that situation, I waited another 10 days to ask again if there is anything I can help with and if not, could the contract be closed. Client again asked for free work which I again denied.

The client then stated that "If I do this for him/her, I will get the best rating possible", which I took as a threat and even as an insult to the job I did earlier on.

He/She stated how the deadline was missed, which is not true as the final version was posted in the messages about an hour earlier than the deadline itself, and the official milestone was done on the exact time of the deadline.

The client now understands that I just want the contract to be closed, but I have a feeling that he/she just wants to harm my image now by giving a bad review after an extended period of time [probably after 3 months of idle status, is that the max?].

I could not find any type of report button for the messages where I was asked for free work.

The job was for the minimum amount of 5$. After this job I had 2 more for 30$ and 5$ [Where I got even bonus 5$ for great results and fast turnaround]. Both of these jobs got excellent reviews by the clients.

Please help with some suggestions.

PS: Sorry for the wall of text, I felt a need to describe it all in details.

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Nikola, 

You can make a screenshot where he/she is asking you for free work and send it to me via PM(click on my name). Our team will review everything and proper actions will be taken. 

~ Goran

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Nikola R Member Since: Sep 13, 2017
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All right, I will do that right away.


Thank you very much.