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Client doesn't pay

So I've finish my job with this client, he promised to pay but he didn't proceed with the payment and now he doesn't even answer my messages.
He created a milestone for half of the work, but he didn't created one for the other half, so now I can't officially submit anything. (I've only made a few jobs on the site and I wasn't aware of the milestones option, so I didn't think anything about it).
I've chat conversation proving that he get all the work he requested from me and that he considered the contract finished, as well as proof that he doesn't even answer me for days and then he appears just to make more promises.
This is going on for two weeks. How can I solve this problem?

Thank for your help!

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Submit via the contract and request the money for the whole work done (edit the amount when submitting)


You'll get paid the amount FUNDED in 14 days automatically. Or all of it if the client approved manually.


In future don't do work against unfunded milestones


There is nothing that can be done to "force" the client to pay more. Whatever is funded is protected (to a degree.) Anything beyond that is not, but DO submit so you get at least half.


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