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Client ended contract and blocked me

I submitted my work and the client ended the contract asked for a refund and blocked me. I can’t even ask what was wrong. Has anyone had this issue before? I put a lot of hours into the work.
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He asked for a refund, but blocked you?


I guess he wasn't serious about the refund.

I hope you said no.

I did say no. I filed a dispute. I mean I don’t mind if there was some
things they wanted to change but they didn’t even give me a chance to do a
revision or even tell me what was wrong.
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Community Manager

Hi Taqira, 

I'm sorry to learn that you've had an unfortunate experience on Upwork. It looks like you recently filed a dispute for the funds in escrow for this contract. While I'm unable to discuss the details of your contract to confirm with our privacy policy, I recommend that you read up on these posts, and articles for more information about the dispute process and Fixed-price Protection: 

~ Avery
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