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Client ended hourly contract before billing period

I'd try my best to explain this so you'd understand. I got a contract for a test trial, it was an hourly project. After working for 3+ hours and submitting, the client loved my work and we agreed to move to a fixed project so we could handle more projects within a budget.

He ended the contract before my work diary could be sent over to him, I didnt see a notice for a refund. I can see the money in my 'in review' transactions but when I asked him if he got my work diary, he claimed that he didn't, will he be billed? Cos I can see his project in my work diary.

Also, when he ended the contract to start the new one, he left me a review. I can't see the review on the client history or my profile. When I checked his active hires, I didnt see the hourly contract that was ended, I only saw the new contract we just started. I'm really confused.
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It is Upwork policy to protect freelancer working hours, "1 hour worked is one hour paid" or so they say.

If you used Upwork tracking, there is no need to worry, you will get your money soon.

If you didn't use Upwork tracking, then there is probably nothing you can do.

Hieu T
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Yes. I used Upwork Tracker. Thank you. I'd be patient.
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