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Client ended the contract abruptly.

It was my first contract (on the forum) with this client.  This was supposed to be for at least 2-3 months of work. 
I've completed the first assignment and was waiting for his feedback for it. I've waited patiently for few days. Today I again sent him 2 more options mentioning that these are not chargeable. I was just trying to give him the best.  
All of a sudden I received a message that he has ended the contract. And that's again without giving any reason or feedback. 
He was very little responsive in communication, still, I always wait for his reply patiently.  

But this is quite unprofessional behavior, to end the contract without giving any kind of reason. 

As this was my first contract on Upwork, and bad feedback or an abruptly ended contract is not good for me anyway.  

Kindly advise. 

-Prashant Sahai


Hi Prashant,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please know that all Upwork users are free to end a contract at any time, though we do believe it is best if everyone is aware and in agreement about it. I can see this is an Hourly Contract, rest assured, you'll receive your earnings for any legitimately logged hours automatically. You can learn more about Hourly Protection here.



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