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Client funding through paypal bank transfer

Hi All,


I've had an issue come up with which I have not experienced before. I had a contract suspended on the 22nd of May, hourly contract, Upwork grumbled about paying it, but they did.


Contacted client through Upwork messages asking him about the suspended contract. His response was that he funded Upwork through Paypal, which withdrew funds from his bank account, and that it takes 14-16 working days to reflect in Upwork's system.


Anyone experience this before? It was a good contract that had a few weeks work in it, and I cannot understand why it takes so long.


Does my client need to keep on prompting Upwork, or will it all become automated again?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shane,


When your client is charged for your work, the funds are first taken from the available balance on your client's Upwork account and the rest is taken from his primary payment method. The process is automatic. I would suggest your client communicates with our Support Team to sort out any issues with his payment method. 


I hope it gets resolved soon.

~ Valeria

It happens occasionally but over all you will get your payment regularly. It takes 10 days to get the payment in hourly contract. When one week ends on Sunday, you get the work diary on Monday and they payment on the 10th day. 



Hi Abdul,

Sorry you misread my post. Clients contract was put on hold due to a delay in his paypal funds clearing from his bank account. I am aware how the work diary schedule works.

Was there currency translation involved -e.g. Pounds to Dollars?  If so this can take a very long time but I would admit that 14 days is excessive