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Client geolocation enforcement.

Ace Contributor
Noticed rather disturbing thing. Some clients deliberately change their country settings in order to mislead contractors. It's not secret, that contractors are less likely to deal with client who has fishy job description and originates form certain geographical area, so a change of country makes such jobs a bit less repulsive. My suggestion is, to develop some mechanism similar to contractors identity verification, which will help to enforce client's geolocation and prevent them form changing country on a whim.
Community Guru
Why would anyone have a problem with someone's geographical area. I don't think that's common knowledge. Regardless of where anyone lives, if they offer me a decent price and give me an upfront payment if it's a fixed price job then I'll take the contract. The only thing that might be repulsive about a job posting is the type of job and the pay for the job, not where the client lives.
It seems you don't quite catch my drift. I completely agree with you, that it doesn't matter where client is from, if he/she has solid work ethics and pays well. What i meant to say, that hiding ones country is a step away from mentioned solid work ethics and raises some flags.
I think oDesk has a rule that the country in your profile has to be where your bank account is. Someone could have a bank account in a country different from the country they live in.
Truth be said, i never heard about this rule. Anyway, even if it's present, it is not enforced. Client can have a payment method (debit card for example) issued by Ukrainian back, but set profile location to France. And location / timezone will be displayed as if client resides in France, but in truth, he/she is in Ukraine.