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Client got all the work done, praised everything then rejected before payment. I feel cheated

Hi there,


I have been working for over two weeks on a client's website. He has been taking the work on Google Drive for 'ease of communication' which I said is okay with me. After all my work is done and after he praising my work and saying he will give more work since he likes my work, he finally after a final submission says that the work is not up to the mark and he will cancel the contract. I did everything from scratch (I have proof) which he had approved. However, he asked me to make more additions and I agreed. In the end he said you can take excerpts from the current website and recreate content too since it is quite technical. I agreed. After doing everything a second time, literally, he tells me that this content is copied from the website (which it isn't). I followed every single instruction which made me repeat the work twice. Now he tells me that he will revoke the contract. I need the money for all the work I did. I feel fooled over here. I work on UpWork because I feel it is secure and safe. Help.

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It doesn't matter.


If this was an hourly contract, then you will be paid for ALL of the time that you logged working on the project.


A client may close a contract at any time. That does not have an impact on you getting paid.


If this is a fixed-price contract, then a client may end a contract at any time. A client is not obligated to continue giving you new work or to continue creating new milestones. You were paid for the milestones you already submitted and had payments released for.


In fixed-price contracts, clients can not unilaterally close a contract without releasing escrow money to the freelancer. If a client tries to do so, then the freelancer is ASKED to allow the refund. If that happens, you can say no.


If you have been using Upwork properly, then you probably have nothing to worry about.


If it turns out that there are serious problems with this contract, then it probably means you made mistakes - either procedural or tactical mistakes. You can tell us more about the situation, and we can help you be letting you know there is nothing you need to be concerned about, or telling you how to fix things, or telling you what you did wrong so you can know how to do better next time.


First thing: We're you officially hired?

When you look under My Jobs -> My Jobs or under closed contracts, do you see an actual official Upwork contract listed?

Is your contract still active or has it been closed?

Was this an hourly or fixed-price contract?

How many hours did you log time for, or how much money was each fixed-price milestone for?

When did the contract officially begin?

Answer as many of these questions as possible, so that we can help you.

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